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Discovering new insights and intelligence is a key reason why 40,000+ gaming professionals attend our events every year.

They understand that our events offer the ability to explore new opportunities in each region and product vertical, learning from the experiences of their gaming peers.

We work hard to provide intelligence our audience wants and needs - and this got us thinking... how can we help customers gather insight from other industry professionals on a wide scale, while helping us to inform events and services which customers love?

That's exactly where Ampersand comes in.

Ampersand is gaming's global assembly. An opportunity for professional across verticals, across disciplines - a chance for people like you, whatever your role, to get involved and shape the future of gaming.

And it's free to join. All we ask for is input - and honest input.

Why Should You Join the Ampersand Assembly?

  • Access VIP and TEN Lounges at ICE and other Clarion Gaming events
  • Network online and onsite with fellow Ampersand members
  • Shape the future of the leading industry events
  • Participate in bi-annual industry surveys that serve as bell-weather reports on the industry’s key challenges and opportunities
  • Get complimentary access to reports
  • Join us, as our guest, at Ampersand Live Open Space meetings... see below...

How does it work?


Global half-yearly surveys

Every six months, Ampersand surveys its global membership base to gather intelligence on the biggest challenges in gaming


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 Working groups

Ampersand has a series of open and invite-only working groups, focused on discussing and debating key issues


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Focus Reports

State-of-play reports

Independently analysed, authoritative reports packed with invaluable insight made by industry professionals like you

Content from Ampersand

Ampersand Survey Reports

Ampersand Live Meet-Ups

Using the innovative Open Space format, Ampersand Live meetings are an opportunity for members and Clarion Gaming industry friends to get together for a day of free-flowing, honest and open discussions around the industry’s most burning questions and themes - proposed by you.


Notes from Ampersand Live Meet-ups

Kind words from our customers

“I have participated in Clarion’s research initiatives since 2014... I applaud Clarion’s ambition to step up their efforts with a wider reach and look forward to seeing what Ampersand will produce”
Luisa Woods, VP Online and Internet Marketing, Tropicana Entertainment Inc.

* "Open Space format", you say? Yes, we do. It's risky. And it's fresh. Which is why we like it - and, more importantly, why it goes down a storm with participants. This unique (we hate the term, but is truly is) format starts with a blank canvas. That's right, no agenda. The agenda is created by the participants, led entirely by you, the person in your seat, the person who knows exactly what your key challenges are - and what you would really love to explore with your peers.