19 Feb 2020

Insights from ICE London 2020

Ewa Bakun

35 Ampersand members met on Thursday, 6 February 2020, third day of ICE London, to brainstorm ideas and discuss actions around the overarching theme of:


How can we collectively as an industry improve Industry Reputation and Public Perception?


Attendees, using the organic and self-organising format of Open Space, typical of Ampersand Assemblies, held 14 discussions on 10 topics, put forward by the participants in advance of the meeting.


Below are the key conclusions and outcomes of the three-hour meeting:

  • The industry needs a brand-new, bold vision to position itself as an entertainment sector that offers fun experiences rather than just takes money away. Storytellers are needed to convey this new positive narrative
  • The current short-term thinking and lack of vision curbs both innovation and social responsibility
  • Global knowledge base needs to be established and third parties engaged to help complete it and distribute it (e.g. academics and universities). The industry needs to let go control however in a quest to become more transparent
  • The industry is too fragmented – there is a clear demand for a unified front and unified voice
  • Dialogue with regulators is key and often works – it’s the policy-makers and general public that require more attention to establish better communication channels
  • Our usage of data has improved significantly – let’s use our knowledge of consumer behaviour and attitudes to empower customers’ choices.



Amp Assembly ICE London Amp Assembly ICE London
Amp Assembly ICE London 2020 Amp Assembly ICE London


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