Influence and networking at the highest level



The Executive Network (TEN) Philosophy

Our aim is to engage with the inspirational leaders in gaming and deliver the opportunities they need to connect with their peers in a sympathetic and exclusive environment. The Executive Network provides business leaders with the setting, the people, the content and the chemistry necessary to drive growth.

Membership of TEN

Membership of The Executive Network is strictly invitation only and is open to C-level suite influencers. Our gaming experts have handpicked those individuals with creativity, insight and the ability to influence the future of the gaming industry around the globe. Membership is strictly non-transferable.

TEN at the Clarion Gaming events

To recognise the need for exclusive networking and learning among the TEN members, Clarion Gaming events will host TEN events and programmes, carefully designed to suit the needs of the TEN members is their respective geographies and to complement their other business needs at events.

TEN Digital Speakeasies

The global 2020 pandemic has put a stop on the ability to network. TEN Digital Speakeasies have been launched to continue providing the networking opportunities to the TEN members globally. They’re informal and free-flowing digital conversations, limited to 10 members only, on the topics voted most critical. No presentations, no pitching, no talking heads – just you and other 10 CxOs from around the world in honest and confidential conversations.

Benefits of TEN membership

  • Access to the VIP Lounges
  • Invitation to TEN Dinner or other exclusive functions (if held)
  • Access to TEN Briefings: intimate, inspirational, free-flowing and informal briefings with inside and outside industry experts - digital and at events
  • Access to TEN Digital Speakeasies: informal and free-flowing digital conversations, limited to 10 members only, on the topics voted most critical. An opportunity to network with members from around the world, digitally.
  • TEN hospitality: high end customer service and reception inclusive of concierge, matching service and a lot more
  • TEN Index: a CSR index that measures the environmental, social, governance and diversity performance, based on a confidential survey with TEN members. 


If you are part of the C-suite and would like to join TEN, and to find out more, please contact Ewa Bakun, Director of Industry Insight and Engagement, at