We can’t meet live, but it won’t stop us from connecting!

Building on our live annual assemblies in Las Vegas and London, Ampersand's Virtual Assemblies in May lets you set the agenda! 

This is your chance to connect with Ampersand members - a group of senior gaming professionals from across the world - over the topics of mutual interests, allowing for free-flowing and unscripted conversations, creative exploration of ideas and virtual networking.


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Virtual Ampersand Assemblies

Stage 1

27 April - 5 May – Register and decide the topics

Once you register, you will receive an automated response with the link to our virtual topic board, where you will be able to put forward the topics, within the overarching theme of Recovery through Innovation, that you want to discuss.

  • Be selfish – this is about what you want to learn or hear feedback on.
  • Any topic – This could be anything that matters to you, concerns you or that you’re passionate about. Something you know nothing about, but want to learn from others or something you know well and want other feedback. Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to have a formal presentation on this topic during the actual online conversation later on.
  • Think about the overarching theme in broad terms – it’s not just about technology innovation, but innovation in marketing, compliance, communications…).
  • Any number – This could be one topic or 5 topics, as long as it’s something you genuinely want to talk about, are curious about, are passionate about …
  • Any geography – Africa, Latin America, USA, Europe, UK, Germany, Chile, Macao, Philippines – your discussion could also focus on specific issues around recovery through innovation in a jurisdiction of interest to you
  • Any language – we don’t have to limit ourselves to English. We can hold discussions in other languages (as long as we find enough participants)


Please register first to receive the link to the Virtual Ampersand Assembly Topic Board.

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Stage 2

11-15 May – You decide what discussion you want to join and when

With the topics proposed by you, we will create an agenda of free-flowing and unscripted virtual conversations that we will share with you, so you can join the ones of interest. We will aim for 10-12 participants max for each discussion, so those registered first will have the priority. If a topic is particularly popular, we will aim to add more timeslots to discuss them.

No formal preparation is needed to be part of the online conversations – the idea is to harvest the knowledge and experience of the participants. In the true spirit of Open Space, there will be no speakers, moderators or pre-set agenda – it’s about everyone participating, asking questions and sharing their views.

Stage 3

18-29 May – Virtual Ampersand Assemblies take place

Scheduled for 40-60 minutes across various time zones, these discussions will take place via an online platform, with video, to replicate a face-to-face interaction as much as possible. The discussions will be recorded so we can also create a report shared with you afterwards.

What's next?

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