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Taking our industry forward together

Clarion Gaming is the champion of the gaming and gambling industry. We’re your advocate, defender and supporter - and above all, we’re your partner, connecting you and the industry we love, 365 days a year. 

However tough things get, we’ll be here, delivering customer success and advancing the industry, just as we’ve done for over 20 years. Our insights, live events and digital platforms help businesses uncover commercial opportunities, forge new connections and safely access new markets. 

We know what a positive social and economic contribution gaming and gambling makes throughout the world. That’s why we’re so passionate about connecting our industry to move forward as one.

Our Vision

To help every gambling business in the world

We envisage a healthy, sustainable future for our industry, and we'll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you and all our partners to ensure we get there together.

Clarion Gaming Vision

Our Values 

Clarion Gaming unites colleagues, customers and partners in an international family of gaming and gambling allies. Through our network of platforms and connections, we share our passion for this dynamic industry and inspire dedication to make it the best that it can be.



  • We champion the interests of our partners
  • we nurture talent at every level and throughout our industry
  • We support customers and colleagues to be successful 



  • We drive positive change throughout our industry
  • We encourage diversity and progressive gender representation
  • We promote the industry's social and economic benefits



  • we're always looking for new ways to help our partners
  • We're passionate promoters of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • We champion unconventional thinking



  • We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers and colleagues
  • We serve our industry 365 days, through good times and bad
  • We happily share our knowledge, advice and insights

Our Manifesto

  • We will always work alongside and partner with the industry that we serve – 365 days a year.


  • We will harness the influence of our extensive international network to advance the interests of gaming and gambling.


  • We will deliver stakeholder ROI by maximising commercial opportunity and helping to secure the best possible terms for third party suppliers.


  • We commit to play our part in helping to raise standards throughout the industry, encourage diversity and ensure progressive gender representation across all of our platforms and events.


  • We will work with the industry to showcase and promote the positive social and economic contributions that it makes throughout the world.
  • We embrace, champion and amplify the industry’s safer gambling undertakings.


  • We provide and curate multiple platforms for the industry to engage with its gaming regulators across every jurisdiction.


  • We recognise the fundamental role played by the international gaming and gaming media in supporting, reporting and advancing the industry.


  • We will continue to recognise, reward and promote innovation and entrepreneurship through initiatives including Pitch ICE.


  • We will always stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the international gaming and gambling neighbourhood in the good as well as in challenging times.

Our Awards

AEO Most Influential Winner

AEO Winner 2017
AEO Excellence Awards
AEO Winner 2015

Our Team

Where You Can Find Us


Clarion Events Ltd.
Bedford House, 69-79 Fulham High Street,
London, SW6 3JW,
United Kingdom