11 – 15 May – You decide what conversations you want to join

Almost 100 topics have been put forward for discussions. We have consolidated these topics into 25 discussions (with some topics having more than one discussion dedicated to them due to their popularity).

Now is the time for you to decide which ones you would like to join (and you have until Friday, 15 May to decide to do so) . But before you proceed, here is a reminder of how they’ll work:


  • No preparation is required. There will be no speakers, moderators or audience – these are meant to be free-flowing and un-scripted conversations in which each participant can ask their questions and share their views (although there will be minimal moderation done by me)
  • They will be scheduled for 45-60 minutes each, with a maximum of 10 members in each conversation
  • Participants will connect to an online platform with a webcam to get as close to a f2f conversation as possible
  • Once you select your discussion, calendar invites will follow. Things happen and sometimes other commitments might get in the way of your participation, but please be mindful of the impact your cancellation might have on the experience of others, in particular as these will be small discussion groups
  • You have until this Friday, 15 May, to choose which discussions you want to join (you can join as many as you want)
  • More guidelines to follow …


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