18-29 May 2020


Fifty Ampersand members from around the world participated across twenty five 60-minute virtual conversations over the period of two weeks.  They met virtually to discuss, in an informal and free-flowing format, following the spirit of Open Space used for live Ampersand Assemblies, topics put forward by the Ampersand members at the beginning of the process.

Ninety topics proposed were grouped in twenty five conversations ranging from impact of the pandemic on the regulatory landscape, innovation in sports betting and land-based gaming, making gaming safer, post-pandemic business models and consumer behaviour, to payments and sports data rights - click here to download the agenda.



These were all informal and unscripted conversations, replicating random encounters at physical events. Here is what some of the members who participated said:

"[Virtual Assembly was] as close a replacement to the real world random discussions we are used to enjoying in our industry at conferences, in bars and the like. New contacts and nuggets of information very useful."

Keith McDonnell, CEO, kmigaming.com

"It’s been a busy but wonderful two weeks of insightful, engaging gaming conversations across igamingsportsbetting and traditional land-based casino gaming. Thanks to the efforts of Ewa Bakun and the Ampersand Initiative. Much appreciation for the intelligent and lively banter from new friends and old."

Lauren Seiler, Managing Director, Head of Strategy, Corporate Development & Investor Relations || Co-Founder & CEO, We4C

"Interesting to see how events companies are adapting to the new world. Delighted to be part of Clarion Gaming's Virtual Ampersand this week. Thank you for inviting me in. Really good initiative." 

David Sargeant, Managing Partner, SGIF

"Thank you very much Ewa and Clarion Gaming for allowing us to go through the pandemic and this "new improved normality" connected and informed, giving rise to relevant conversations that we will surely continue in the future."

Maia Bubis Perera, Content Director, Communications and Press Agency Zone3w Group

"I had the opportunity to attend a few of the Ampersand Assembly discussions in the past month or so. The format has been adjusted to fit our WFH reality and I must say I quite like how they've turned out! Ranging in topics, with networking opportunities to connect with interesting and knowledgeable people, the & Assemblies are definitely worth the time!"

Georgi Pepelyankov, Strategic Planning and Intelligence, Kindred Group

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